Poisonous Snakes of North Carolina

For all its natural beauty, North Carolina is home to a wide variety of poisonous snakes, spiders, insects and plants. Learn about some of them.

18" x 24" Poster: $12.50

Poisonous Plants of North Carolina

For all its natural beauty North Carolina is home to a wide variety of poisonous plants. We share our living and recreation space with some of the most fascinating and beautiful species in the United States, but beware, a few are deadly. These award-winning, full-color posters show large illustrations with details to aid in quick identification and provide helpful first aid tips.

18" x 24" Poster: $12.50

Queen Anne's Revenge Is it or isn't it the Queen Anne's Revenge?
A team of scientists has descended on a shipwreck just off the North Carolina coast, trying to determine if it is indeed the flagship of the famed pirate Blackbeard.

24" x 18" Poster: $12.50

Lighthouses of North Carolina For years, these historic spires have warned storm-driven sailors of the dangerous rocks and reefs that make up North Carolina's coast. Today, they continue to watch over the area known to many as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." This 18" x 24" full color poster illustrates the seven lighthouses that adorn North Carolina's shoreline.

18" x "24" Poster: $12.50

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